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So what is etch?

Here's how etch works for students


Etch Cards

After you learn anything from a course or book, that material is is transferred into high power Etch cards provided by the educator.


Etch then uses an advanced scheduling algorithm to prompt you to review the material right as you’re on the edge of forgetting it.


Basically, it’s an extension of your brain and a time efficient way to remember everything that you learn forever.
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The cheapest, most efficient path to a top score

Students preparing for standardized tests like the ACT, CFA, or MCAT spend over $100 million dollars each year on content review courses despite having already spent tens of thousands of dollars learning the information the first time.

Etch is the bridge between your school’s curriculum and your long-term goals. Its proprietary algorithm optimizes your reviews to help you conquer your short-term goals while also helping you retain the information for classes, exams, and jobs in the future - with only a minimal time burden to your studies.

Increase the value of your degree

Have you ever finished a class and then realized you’ve forgotten 90% of what you learned?

You’re paying a lot for your degree and you deserve to remember what you learn.

Etch empowers you to maintain the information from your degree with just minutes of review every week.

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