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So what is etch?

Here's how etch works for students


Etch Cards

After you learn anything from a course or book, that material is is transferred into high power Etch cards provided by the educator.


Etch then uses an advanced scheduling algorithm to prompt you to review the material right as you’re on the edge of forgetting it.


Basically, it’s an extension of your brain and a time efficient way to remember everything that you learn forever.
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Etch amplifies the impact of your quality teaching

Despite having access to quality instructors, students from kindergarten to college and beyond suffer from the effects of learning loss. Two examples:

  • K12 teachers spend over 6 weeks per school year reteaching material forgotten over the summer
  • Despite learning everything needed for standardized tests such as the ACT and MCAT in class, students and parents often feel the need to enroll in expensive content review courses. This unessecarily places disadvanteged students behind more privelaged peers

Etch is the bridge between your curriculum and your students’ long-term goals. Its proprietary algorithm optimizes your students reviews to help them conquer exams in the short-term while also helping them retain the information for classes, exams, and jobs in the future. The best part? Etch adds a negligible amount of study burden and works on any device.

Increase the longevity of your teaching

Have you ever gotten to the end of a a semester and felt like your students have forgotten 90% of what they learned?

You’re doing a great job teaching your students and that great instruction deserves to be paired with a long-term learning retention solution that empowers your students to remember what they’re taught without causing you any unessecary headaches.

Etch empowers your students to maintain the information from class with just minutes of review each week. Students who retain information perform better in current and future classes, feel more fulfilled in school, and can more easily access the higher levels of learning such as analysis and creativity.

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