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August 24, 2022

Tl;dr: Free access to the best way to review for Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology for Fall 2022 students. Fill out this form to receive access to content review to help improve your grades in classes and maintain your knowledge for the MCAT, NCLEX, and other exams in just minutes per week.

What is Etch?

Etch is a new EdTech platform built on the efficiency of spaced repetition learning*. With Etch, you can maintain long-term learning reviews from all publishers in one centralized, easy-to-use platform. 

With Etch you only have to learn things once, instead of learning, forgetting, and cramming before your test.

What is Spaced Repetition Learning?

What content is included in the Etch pilot program?

Students participating in the pilot program will receive access to Etch’s spaced repetition learning platform and content review cards with fact review, practice questions, and video explanations.

Etch will be rolling out Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology content throughout the Fall ‘22 semester. Pilot participation will be absolutely free and students will be able to keep the content they study after pilot completion.

Cards built around OpenStax content

The content in the review cards is sourced by the books created by our friends at OpenStax. OpenStax is an educational initiative that publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed college textbooks that are free online and low cost in print. OpenStax textbooks are currently used by 9,000,000 students at over 7,000 schools. Etch is on track to be the only SRL-focused OpenStax Ally by January 2023. 

Content review cards contain text, images, and practice questions that check your knowledge and reinforce difficult concepts.

What's the difference between Etch and Quizlet?

What's the difference between Etch and Anki?

Video explanations from experts

Struggling with a concept or practice problem? Because cards will include video explanations from content experts, you’ll never have to waste time looking through YouTube or Google for expert help again. During the pilot, video access will be free. After the semester, students who participated in the pilot will be able to purchase lifetime access to the video explanations.

How do I integrate the pilot program into my school’s curriculum?

We understand that Etch is new and that your school probably hasn’t plugged Etch into their curriculum yet, and that’s why we're working hard to make it easy for you to integrate SRL into your study routine. The process goes kind of like this:

  1. Sign-up for our pilot for Anatomy, Physiology, and/or Psychology
  2. Use the code sent to your email (should arrive within a week) to create an Etch account
  3. Customize your profile with your personal study routine
  4. Enter your exam dates into Etch
  5. After you study a subject in class, unlock the corresponding section in Etch and begin reviewing
  6. As you study, Etch will schedule future content reviews based on your level of content mastery, study routines, and upcoming exams
  7. After the semester, you’ll retain lifetime access to Etch. You’ll be able to maintain knowledge with just minutes of review each month, preparing you for future careers, coursework, and standardized tests.

What features will Etch have during the pilot? What features will Etch be rolling out in the future?

Etch is a new platform that doesn’t yet have all the features it will eventually have. Despite that, we know that the combined efficiency of spaced repetition learning and high quality content will make studying easier even if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles built in yet. Even though some cool features are still being built, Etch will come with great features from the start.

Features Etch already has:

  • A spaced repetition learning algorithm that considers your study routine, content mastery, and exam dates
  • Video content reviews
  • A platform that allows you maintain high quality content reviews from all your textbooks

Features coming soon:

  • A polished mobile experience
  • Social threads that allow for peer-to-peer learning and meme sharing (let’s be honest, memes are the best teacher)
  • SRL content for all content tested on the MCAT and NCLEX
  • Actionable insight on your progress towards mastering content on the MCAT and NCLEX

Content release schedule

During the pilot, review content on the following topics will be released according to the following schedule (subject to change):

I want to use Etch to study for my exams, but I’d rather use content from my textbook or online course - what should I do?

During the pilot, we will only be offering content based on OpenStax content. We’re currently working with other publishers to add long-term learning content to Etch so that you can maintain knowledge you learn from any source on one, easy-to-use platform. Fill out the form below to let us know what textbooks or courses you would like to see on Etch.

Etch + OpenStax content is easy to your current course, regardless of the primary textbook used in your course. Because OpenStax books are peer reviewed and written by leading academics, you can be sure that the OpenStax content will closely mirror the content included in your course.

Participation in the pilot is free. 

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